In Knowteq Automation, we integrate robotics into any system by programming robotics software that controls the robotic device you need for your operation. Knowteq Automation can help your company with innovative, turnkey implementation of robot-based automated systems including design, supply, robot simulation, off-line and shop-floor programming of robots, robot cell calibration, training and documentation. As a part of our robotic programming and integration offerings, we make onsite visits to discuss about optimizing new or existing programming. Robotic programming from Knowteq Automation permits the deployment of new robots in a cost-effective manner.

Knowteq Automation has experienced programming technicians to help you reduce your cycle time, or to improve the quality of existing paths or planned robotic automation. Industrial robot programming is necessary to control every task a robot is to perform. We are experts at programming robots to perform a wide variety of tasks such as material handling, machine tending, assembly, dispensing, welding, trimming applications, etc. Our multiple axis robotic automation allows the robot to position or orient its tool/device practically in any place that is mechanically feasible within its work envelope.

Our experience in robot programming enables our customers to maximize the productivity of their robotic automation. We also provide 24/7 availability for Robotic Programming Emergencies — Occurrences that may critically affect your productivity.

Contract flexibility — Extended term and short-term contracts for robotic automation and robot programming services are available.

Path and Source Code Robot Programming — Robotics systems can be programmed to reduce cycle time and increase throughput from both a path and custom source code standpoint.

Off-Line Robot Programming/Simulation — Our capable technicians can utilize off-line robotic programming and simulation software to reduce overall programming time and in-field debug. Software animation can be used to create programs and verify application feasibility for each robotic application.

Expertise and experience are the pillars of our robotic design services and engineering practices. When considering a system design specific to our customer’s requirements, process requirements, maintenance considerations, and reliability are key elements. Engineering and design team members at Knowteq Automation utilize high-end software to create and deliver the system design to the customer and manufacturing team ensuring compatibility with process and production goals. Designs are optimized for fit and function. At Knowteq Automation, our design experts help determine the robotics system design and component selection that is most beneficial for specific process and goals.

Knowteq Automation designs robotics design and applications that improve quality and production in difficult and challenging environments.

At Knowteq Automation, we offer integrated robot design for specific tasks and for specific automated systems.

Our services include:
  • Gathering information
  • Identifying specific details of design which must be satisfied
  • Identifying possible and alternative design solutions
  • Planning and designing appropriate design structures
  • Creating a prototype
    • testing the design
    • troubleshooting the design
  • Building the robot

Our consultancy services address a wide range of unique problems. Robotics is a complex intersection of specialist fields, from mechanical to software. Knowteq Automation’s engineers bring together skills and experience from a broad range of areas needed to deliver bespoke solutions. The services we offer are tailored and shaped to help you get up and running with automation and robotics at a quick pace.

We have designed new products, created prototypes and delivered custom robots to clients in a range of sectors.

Knowteq Automation consulting services include end-to-end automation and robotic consulting services. Services include simultaneous engineering, design for testability, product debugging, testing and validation, manufacturing process strategy, process layout, planning and simulation, cost - benefit analysis, equipment specification writing, proof of principle and prototyping, engineering feasibility analysis, system designing, programming, building and integration, production line start-up, review and evaluations of existing production equipment, process flow and cycle time, optimization analysis, documentation of procedures and training and support.

In the fast-paced environment of various businesses, machine uptime is paramount to success and profitability. At Knowteq Automation, we recognize the importance and value of responsive service, automation training, robotics support and timely, turnkey solutions.

Our highly skilled cross-trained service team respond on a 24/7 basis for service and support requirements ranging from factory automation, training and robotics to assembly systems. Whether the issue is mechanical, electrical, or programming, we provide service solutions to minimize downtime and boost efficiency. Our teams are equipped to handle immediate emergencies or routine maintenance on long-term service and support contracts.

Knowteq Automation service technicians provide production system and robotics support. Our training includes minor robot programming, complete robotic integration or retrofit services for your automated robotics. Support, training, robotics automation and other services are available from the experts at Knowteq Automation.

We provide operator training and automation training according to newly added equipment operators; or to re-educate current staff for new automation. Training can be customized to specific requirements and equipment, ensuring effectiveness and maximizing investment.

We offer choice of in-house or on-site training from experienced trainers on various operations and maintenance procedures for robot-based automation systems.

Are you passionate about Technology and Innovations?? Yes, we Too..!!

Knowteq Automation provides trainings specifically designed for those who are passionate about future technology and innovations since it introduces you to the world of Robotics. Our aim is to provide face to face & Hands-On-Sessions to the candidates, which will help them to understand the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of the Robotics World.

The Knowteq Automation training workshops would help students to enter into the real world of Robotics which creates an aptitude in the limitless field of these emerging technologies. The workshop will guide them to get the feel of Robotics and how powerful & exciting it can be.

Knowteq Automation offers 3 levels of training:
  • Beginner Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Expert Level

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